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We Are...

LearnStar is an educational after school program that runs Monday to Friday, from school dismissal to 6 pm.  We are different from other after school programs.  First, we are located right in the school so there is no travel involved for your child.  Second, we do homework, one-on-one, in French and/or English so that children come home with their homework and reading done, checked and signed.

We Offer...

LearnStar was created and is run by, Caroline Whelan, a university professor of 25 years.  All instructors are hand-picked and trained by Caroline to share her vision of stress-free learning and happy families.  All have extensive experience working with children and have recent certificates of conduct, vulnerable sector checks, and are First Aid and WHMIS certified.  We offer a 1:7 instructor-student ratio for homework.

We Know...

We know how crucial it is to develop a genuine love (or even like) of learning as early as possible.  Research shows that the right after school homework program promotes good study habits, strong work ethic, problem solving skills and strategic thinking.  All of these traits lead to success in school and in life.

We Understand...

We understand the pressures and demands on today's families.  If you are like most of us, your family schedule is bursting at the seams.  It is simply not possible to be everywhere and do everything.  Homework is important but it is a key stressor.  Give it to us!  Let an expert help your child with homework, tests and projects so that you can have quality and stress-free time with your child!

In addition...

  • We provide a nutritious after school snack.
  • We are open for PD days and early dismissals. (school permitting)
  • We emphasize physical fitness and invite guest pro athletes to empower and inspire the children.
  • We have outside days and gym days (school permitting) as often as possible.
  • We have a carefully researched program to maximize your child's learning strategic thinking and problem solving skills.
  • We offer a wide range of daily programming to appeal to all children's interests.

Our Mission

LearnStar exists to teach and mentor students of all ages in a stress-free environment, to help them develop a solid work ethic, good study habits and strong time management skills that lead to greater academic achievement at all levels of study and greater success in life.  By doing so, we will achieve our overarching goal of helping busy families de-stress so that their time together can be quality, happy and peaceful time.

Schools in which we presently operate

  • St. Matthew's School - St. John's, NL
  • Holy Family Elementary - Paradise, NL
  • St. Edward's School - Kelligrews, NL
  • Carbonear Academy - Carbonear, NL
  • Eastside Elementary - Corner Brook, NL
  • Elizabeth Park Elementary - Paradise, NL
  • St. Francis School - Harbour Grace, NL

If you are interested in registering your child in the LearnStar afterschool program but you don't see your school in this list, please let us know.

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