My two children (grades 3 and 5) began attending LearnStar's after school program in September 2014. Caroline provides a safe environment, conducive to learning, but also very fun. My daughter enjoys telling the group about her day's high and low points and my son is developing patience by reading with younger children. They both have their homework completed at the end of the day (which is a remarkable treat for busy parents), yet still have time to play and socialize. Caroline is quite encouraging and provides much positive reinforcement. -Amanda Pendergast 

I know Caroline to be a gifted teacher and mentor. Her career as a university professor, as well as the two charities she founded for children, make her the perfect candidate for this kind of work. I would not hesitate to recommend her. -Steve Kent, MHA, Mount Pearl North 

Caroline Whelan is an outstanding teacher. As a former graduate student, I can say that she has the rare ability to take subject matter than initially appears complex and somehow transforms it into something understandable. This is especially true when she deals with children. Her characteristic patience, sensitivity to the needs and feelings of her students and 20+ years of teaching experience bode well for LearnStar’s future. -Patricia A. Watters, ACSW, DCSW  

I found Professor Caroline Whelan to be a thought provoking teacher as well as a great source of knowledge and encouragement. Caroline has a loving nature and a natural ability to encourage others to do their best. I would be happy to send my children, grandchildren to her for learning. -Reverend Cindy Graham  

I have known Caroline Whelan for over 25 years. She completed a Master’s degree in the department where I taught and was an exceptional student. Her intelligence and outstanding academic skills were clearly demonstrated in her work. Since then, she has continued developing these skills and has shared them with her own students over many years of successful teaching. Caroline is a dedicated, caring, and highly competent educator. -Pamela J. Milne, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, University of Windsor 

As parents of a grade one student, we found that having homework completed made our evening go much smoother. Tyson enjoyed the program, the staff and the other children. We were delighted with LearnStar and so was Tyson. " -Happy Parent